Contrary to what you believe, sometimes even if your favorite team loses you don't feel disappointed, probably because they have tried their best. So things aren't necessarily about who you wish to win, but more about the show offered by the players. A match with a nil draw is quite boring while one with several goal opportunities in which the ball has actually found the back of the net becomes interesting. So the excitement, the wish to see goals scored and the players struggling on the pitch is what offers the excitement. People do have a favorite team, only natural, but as long as they try their best, even a lost match doesn't bring disappointment. This might be a touchy subject, but again one founded on misconceptions. Most people like watching a soccer match after a hard day's work because it is a captivating game for which no one can truly predict the score. There are some that even go so far as to see a soccer match from the arena, only to be closer to the action, to live alongside with the team. The vast majority enjoy watching a match and especially when their favorite team is playing because they feel more intensely the game. This must be approached and perform in a timely and organized manner, and thus a reliable, realistic and workable schedule must be both created and utilized. The purpose must be to develop something all stakeholders can count on and that supports them by reinforcing one's ideals and goals. One never truly leads unless the actions are prioritized for meaningful and desirable service.It's not enough for a leader to solely have some sort of impact, but that it must be a desirable one! Constantly ask yourself, What is the dream that the idea hopes to address in a constructive manner? It has probably happened to you too to feel disappointed of a soccer match, yet again, what were you expecting to see? In my article I wish to talk about what people in general expect to see in a soccer match and what exactly disappoints them. So. What is the reason for soccer being the most beloved sport of them all? while potentiating his possibilities of weighing the options, and then choosing what appears to be the best initial course of action (Plan A). However, this must include a willingness to thoroughly plan for contingencies (have a Backup Plan).Every real leader must avoid the My way or the highway mindset, understanding that there are generally several alternatives and/ or approaches. He then will best be able to see and consider nearly every opportunity,